What we do?

Marketing Analytics.

Manage ROI with improved performance

We help you improve your return on marketing spend by saving on tagging implementation costs, increasing media efficiency, and improving media performance.

Data Matching.

Translating data into useful information

Customer journeys and media touch points are becoming increasingly fragmented. We match users across different datasets to join them into a single customer view.

Why us?

Easy to Implement.

Implementation becomes a breeze

Once our single line of code is on your site, Quantdeck serviced tag management provides the ultimate agility to skip any future IT development queues.

Multi-device Tracking.

Customer tracking across all devices

We save you marketing budget by helping you make better sense of your performance across all channels and all user platforms.


Solutions designed for your specific business needs

We will take the time to understand your specific requirements and create a tailored solution that meets your needs.

Bespoke Insight Reports.

We provide game-changing insights to end all debate

Unique reporting and customisable dashboards provide the tools to tailor answers to questions from all levels and all departments.

Optimise Budgets.

Advertising spend has moved from offline to online.

Media costs are inflating as demand outstrips supply. We unlock the data to provide greater accuracy and interrogation to re-distribute spend from poorly performing to highly performing media.

Free 15 minute consultation.

If you have a query that eludes an answer, get in touch to speak with one of our highly experienced consultants. We’re always happy to help.

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Our Unique Solution.

Full spectrum customer interaction tracking.

We monitor both marketing channel and on site interactions at an individual customer level. Our multi-device user tracking allows us to join up user’s actions over every device and location giving a true customer lifetime value.

Marketing Attribution.

A smart technology approach

We use sophisticated bayesian and markov statistical analysis on converting and non-converting pathways to accurately split attribution between channels and create predictive models. Machine learning servers allow us to process vast amounts of data to provide predictions at individual user level.


Quantdeck is like the IT team for my Marketing Department. They enable us to quickly implement complex tagging by bypassing the IT development queue.


Quantdeck has been instrumental in redefining our agency’s media strategy.

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